Wade & Carolou
Wade has been creating, carving, and selling his unique carvings for 25 plus years. He is a self-taught carver who grew up on a farm, so using his hands to make things was second nature. He began carving in 1989, the year he researched, designed, and carved a small, child-size carousel horse for the birth our first great nephew. The piece was about 2ft by 2ft and rockers were placed on the bottom to make a rocking horse. Wades wife, Carolou, hand paints and finishes each piece. Both Wade and Carolou are retired educators and graduates of Miami University in Oxford,Ohio.

As an Industrial Arts teacher Wade really practiced and refined his skills while also teaching carving for several years to his fellow teachers. Carving was a relaxing hobby that grew into a small business. Wade and Carolou live in Blanchester, Ohio. Each fall Wade’s work is sold at regional art and craft venues including the prestigious St James Art Show in Louisville,Ky. Visit our Events page for a complete listing of shows.
The Process
Wade typically creates two new pieces each year. He begins the process by first sketching an original design. Each item is then hand carved from basswood. Carolou selects the color palette and hand paints each carving. The final phases include application of an antiquing solution and distressing to give the impression of a treasure recently discovered in grandma's attic.
“I enjoy the research and lore behind my carvings and really love sharing it with others who also share that interest. I am limited to the amount of work I can create and sell as I do not use any form of reproduction.”  —Wade